ZLED Flood Light

The ZLED Flood Light redefines lighting with its expansive beam angle, ensuring comprehensive light coverage throughout your property. Built for indoor and outdoor use, this flood light is perfect for illuminating large areas. Choose the ZLED Flood Light for reliable performance in both commercial and industrial settings.

ZLED Flood Light Key Features:

  1. Wide Beam Angle: The ZLED Flood Light sets a new standard in illumination with its expansive beam angle of 110 degrees, ensuring comprehensive coverage and uniform lighting across large areas, such as parking lots, fields, and construction sites. This even distribution of light enhances visibility for pedestrians, drivers, and surveillance systems and fosters a sense of safety and reassurance in the illuminated area. Effectively eliminate dark spots and shadowy corners that could potentially harbor hazards or compromise security with this flood light.
  2. Flexibility: The ZLED Flood Light is suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications. Its durable construction and long LED lifespan makes it an excellent option for commercial, industrial, and institutional settings. This light is especially useful for manufacturing and building sites, signage, building faces, billboards, and other architectural features.
  3. CCT Selectivity: This flood light goes beyond conventional lighting solutions by offering the flexibility to adjust the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) to suit different environments. With a range of selectable color temperatures, this innovative feature empowers users to curate lighting environments that perfectly complement their specific needs and preferences, providing the best possible illumination for your areas.
  4. Weatherproof Design: Improve your flood lighting without having to worry about harsh weather. This light fixture is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Constructed with a durable and weatherproof housing, this flood light ensures reliable performance in harsh conditions like rain, snow, or high temperatures.